UN Volunteer (UNV) is the one of the positions that UNV office of UN agencies offer. The applicants were chosen through the recruitment process undertaken by the UNV field unit office in Zimbabwe.

Who can be a UN Volunteer?

Click the corresponding type of volunteer you would like to apply for and check the requirements.

International Volunteer

Serve in other countries


National Volunteer

Serve in your own country



Online Volunteer

Serve from a computer, tablet or mobile phone anywhere in the world.


How do you apply?

UNV introduces talent pool called “VMAM.” By signing in on this, you will be automatically registered on our roster. Once there are available job vacancies from whether the regional office or the country office of the duty station, the UNV headquarter examine the most competent candidates for international UN volunteer and the country office examine for the national UN Volunteer, and the UN offices get contact with the potential candidates for the confirmation. In the last, the UN staff from the duty station have the skype or telephone interview with the candidates, and decide the final volunteer.

The registration on the roster is always welcomed, however, please be aware that there is no guarantee to be called for the candidates.

For those who are willing to apply for the UNV position, please follow the instruction below;

1) Access to https://vmam.unv.org/  .

2) Register on the roster and complete all section of “My Profile.”

3) Keep eyes on the job vacancies on following websites;

>Global UNDP websites