National UN Volunteers on the frontline

“If volunteering was a degree, I would say I am a few months shy of completing it” says Ms Armorlette Nyamweda, adding with a chuckle: “In partial fulfilment of my degree, I have volunteered in three government Ministries over a period of 4 years now”. A National United Nations Volunteer (NUNV), Ms Nyamweda is currently based at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development where she coordinates an initiative on Strengthening National Capacities for Planning, Public Finance Debt and Aid Management.

Amorlett newHer duties involve addressing policy issues on economic performance within the government at all levels. “The main thrust of my experience has been the establishment of national processes for pro-poor policy formulation and implementation and strengthening of economic management systems through analysis, dialogue, design, implementation and coordination of actions,” she remarks. As part of her contribution, Ms Nyamweda has supported dialogue sessions on the localization of the Post -2015 Agenda involving 159 community-based organizations.

She also contributed to a paper on MDG and Post 2015 Development Agenda that was used to engage 22 Members of Parliament s in 6 Portfolio Committees in discussions on the alignment of National Budgets with MDG priorities.Ms Nyamweda is among 13 National UN volunteers that are literally in the frontline of the UN’s work in Zimbabwe where they support national development by sharing their skills and expertise in various capacities. Nearly half of them are based in the rural areas supporting government sustainable livelihood projects such as fishery, beekeeping, poultry, piggery and livestock. Others are attached to UN agencies such as UNDP, UN Women, UNICEF and UNHCR.
UNV’s vision is a world where volunteerism is recognized, within societies, as a way for all people and countries to achieve peace and development through the simultaneous eradication of poverty and significant reduction of inequalities and exclusion.  At the same time, 37 nationals of Zimbabwe are serving as international UNVs in various parts of the world. In Zimbabwe, key implementing partners include Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Cooperation Development; Ministry of Women Affairs, Gender and community Development; Ministry of finance and Economic Development and the Ministry of Economic Planning and Investment.