SECA -Supporting Enhanced Climate Action for Low Carbon and Climate Resilient Development Pathway



The SECA project known in full as Supporting Enhanced Climate Action for Low Carbon and Climate Resilient Development Pathway is funded by UNDP and the United Nations Volunteer Programme. The project is being implemented by the Department of Climate Change Management in the Ministry of Water Resources Development and Climate. The aim of the project is to increase climate resilience and low carbon development considering the changing climate and climate variability.

This project is done in Bulilima, Lupane and Gokwe South through four components; Increased climate change resilience-building project on scaling up adaptation and mitigation, supporting low emission development policy and planning frameworks, supporting gender sensitive Disaster Risk Management Planning and supporting government institutions meet obligations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The project is set to run from 2016 to 2020 and operates both at district and national level to address policy gaps and at Rural district level through perusing renewable energy at a community level for sustainable adaptation and mitigation. Fostering peace and development through community engagement to stimulate and enhance the spirit of volunteerism that is already embedded in Zimbabwe’s rural communitiesthrough climate change related volunteer initiatives for future related programmes and sustainability.

Volunteer disseminating climate change information at a horticulture field day at Mbangwa garden in Tjankwa ward 1 in Bulilima district hosted by Amalima Project

Volunteer explaining the use of the A frame in constructing dead level contours for water harvesting to promote climate smart agriculture as an adaptation strategy in light of climate change in Matjinge ward 5 of Bulilima District


Zenzo Mpofu, Giant Mudimba, and Shingirai Mtabheni (Project Officers, UNDP) coordinated with district and community stakeholders to develop climate, gender, forest resources and environment proof Disaster risk management plans for implementation to mitigate against and adapt to the effects of climate change.

Volunteer participating in the March to commemorate the IDDRR on 13 October in Plumtree town.